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Furiously Exciting.

Welcome to Furyion Games. We are creating experiences filled with maximum adrenaline that are accessible to gamers of all skill levels. Our player and community-centric ideals enable us to create intense mind-blowing experiences that truly resonate with players, taking them on a furiously wild ride from start to finish.

Creating new forms of entertainment is a core part of our identity, with intelligent combat systems in Singleplayer and Coop, innovative game features in Multiplayer PvP, and groundbreaking gameplay systems designed for streamers and their communities and much much more.

Loud, exciting, and here to put a big smile on your face.

Game Tech

We deliver high impactful player experiences, by making sure our gameplay goes from casual all the way to utter insanity, while using intuitive controls and complex game balancing to ensure everything feels perfectly fair. Our backend is powered by multiple technologies cross-integrated to work with all our future titles.

By using machine learning, we are able to process vast amounts of data to produce powerful results for combat systems, spectator system, ad tech, multiplayer systems and of course anti-cheat. We are using these technologies in ways that will be utilized by all our future titles.

We are utilizing server-based machine learning based anti-cheat technologies as our adaptive solution to maintain multiplayer match integrity against a wide range of attempts. We are able to provide powerful protection while fully respecting a player’s need for privacy on his computer.

We utilize a variety of aggressive optimizations and innovative visual techniques to ensure high performance while supporting a wide range of visual effects. Our optimizations allow gamers to have a beautiful rich experience even for players on lower end hardware including mobile devices.

Team Furyion

Audience Tech

Players are important, but so are audiences. Whether it is enabling the audience with advanced interfaces and access to game information, advanced content creation tools, or gameplay loops that fully integrates the audience, we are creating a true multi-perspective entertainment experience unlike any other.

We appreciate the amount of effort that content creators go through to create high quality content on a regular basis, that is why we are creating an assortment of tools to make content creation much easier and expand the range of content that is possible for our titles.

We believe audience members should be able to have fun together with streamers and the rest of the community. We make this possible by supporting extensive interactive features that are possible without the time or hardware investment necessary for playing the full game.

We are developing cost-effective technologies that enable our audience around the world to view our live matches from multiple platforms and participate as simply a spectator, or enjoy a fully enhanced experience comparable to playing a full game.

Ad Tech

We believe in creating collaborative experiences with brands that players would love and participate in, rather than intrusive banner ads. These types of experiences combined with targeted delivery based on demographics and interests means creating immense value for both players and brands alike.

Leveraging our experience in many areas of advertising, we are building interface, analysis and delivery tools to enable high performance advertising that is non-intrusive and welcome to both brands and players.

We are going beyond banner ads to create brand experiences that far surpass what you can get from standalone image ads. By creating game experiences that players can actively participate in, we introduce another exciting side of the brands that players may not yet be fully familiar with yet.

By accurately identifying what players would be interested in seeing, we can deliver custom-tailored brand-integrated experiences that players really enjoy, welcoming them back for more again and again.

Esports Tech

Furyion will unleash truly innovative and widely accessible competitive Esports through multiple interconnected proprietary systems. From a suite of powerful tools for teams, to training systems designed by top professionals.

We are continuously adding to our powerful suite of tools to support teams on both the casual and pro level.

Our tournament and training systems are designed to support a wide range of skill level, supporting players on their journey to fame and fortune.

To fully capture the high impact nature of the gameplay, we are building systems that will support the creation of highly engaging content and powerful spectator interfaces.

Emotion Tech

To ensure we are producing high impact, maximum adrenaline experiences, we needed to accurately measure the emotions of our players in addition to traditional feedback. We achieve this using machine-learning technology, and use the metrics for data-driven optimizations in gameplay and level designs.

We want to ensure a peak impact experience while being careful to design a reasonable difficulty curve. We achieve this by gathering important emotion and engagement data from both traditional tester feedback and also via analysis of players themselves.

Since the beginning, we have strived to create truly engaging experiences that reduces the perceived distance between the self and the controlled character, allowing players to feel truly connected to their game character. We achieve this via activating strong emotions during gameplay combined with carefully designed control systems that behave the way the players want to.

When crafting positive experiences, we also use data to isolate areas that may potentially be negative experiences before it can impact our player base. Our careful monitoring of player satisfaction stems from being a player and community-centric game studio, because we truly hope to create long-lasting amazing experiences for our players.

Furiously Exciting.